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Hosting & Domain

Domain name:

Domain names are basically used in context of a web address to Internet hosts on the World Wide Web (www). Domain name is what internet user type in the address bar of a web browser to locate your website. It gives every Internet host a unique address which is easy to remember.

For Example:, Here the first, www is the server name of the domain, the second element “Mtv” is the name of organization, entity or individual, and the last one ”.com” is the suffix which is the domain name extension. Among these three elements the second one is the most important element of the domain name.

For more information on domain name please visit this Wikipedia.

If you need instructions on how to sign up for domain name see our domain name instructions page.

Web Hosting :

Web Hosting is a kind of internet service for hosting arrangement of a websites. Web hosting service allows you to place your website online so that visitors can browse your website over the internet via World Wide Web. Every website require a host who can provide storage for website data and make them accessible to the users, it also ensure that your website data is available 24X7 to internet users anywhere.

A Web Hosting Company where you are hosting your website will maintain your website & provide you with many services like server or hard disk space, proper maintenance of software & hardware, security and backup solutions, email services and many more. When it comes to Quality Web Hosting then there are so many things to consider that many Web Hosting Service providers will not tell you like type of server, Disk Space, Bandwidth & Type of Hosting. Web Hosting is much beyond the basic technical component of its functioning.

For more information on Web Hosting please visit Wikipedia.

One of the reputed and user friendly Web hosting company is Host Gator and we always recommend our clients to use it for better performance. They have various plans. If you plan to host only one domain then you can start with ‘Hatchling plan’. It would cost around $4-$5 per month. We use the ‘Baby Plan’ since we have many domain names working on same hosting server.

There are two options for hosting:

OPTION 1: Managed Hosting: $19.99/ month (Including Domain fee paid every year)

We manage your hosting until you want. You can anytime change your manager and hire some other. All we have to do is provide you Hosting login details and you are ready to go.

With Our Managed hosting you will get:

  • Server monitoring (Scanning the servers to search for any irregularities or potential failures)
  • Security (Running security audits, Spam filtering, Virus scanning, Software firewall configuration & OS updates) –1 in 10 websites get hacked every year (most of them usually unintentional by a bot). In this scenario, we come to your rescue and get the website up and running in no time.
  • Backups (Your data is secure and backed up)
  • Managing Emails (Managing Emails accounts)

OPTION 2: Hosting by yourself: $9.99/month

You can follow the instructions in the link below to sign up for hosting:

Hosting instructions

With this type of hosting we only set up your account with no further responsibility.

If you need instructions on how to sign up for hosting see our hosting instructions page.

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