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This page will be update frequently and will have all the tools I have used in online marketing or have been highly recommended by multiple online marketers. Also all the meetup presentations will be shared on this page.


Tools for Web Design

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. Please understand that I have experience with all of these companies, and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.


  • WordPress: I use it for all my websites. It”s the #1 blogging platform. Free of course!!
  • ElegantThemes: I use this very frequently. They have 70+ themes and are easy to customize. Amazing thing about these themes is that I can use it on multiple sites with one license and the support forum for this is awesome!! Seriously…. if you want to customize it in any which way they will help you in the forums. They even send you the exact code that you will need to customize the theme to your liking. Sometimes they are late at responding (example 1 day) but they do respond!
  • Themeforest: The theme I am using on this website is from ThemeForest. Usually there themes are for one use only but they are worth it! For example I paid $50 for this theme and I can use it only on my website – if I want to use on my client”s website I gotta buy another one!!

Domain and Hosting:

  • GoDaddy: All my domains (currently 14 and growing) are hosted with them. See these instructions.
  • Hostgator: All my websites are on hostgator because of their great customer support. They can even walk newbies on how to install wordpress and other trivial issues. You can use the hosting instructions here in case you are getting confused signing up.

Web Hosting Comparision - Free WordPress themesOther hosting options: JustHost and BlueHost – I have use both of them while working on client websites. I will however recommend to not get hosting from godaddy, yahoo and other local hosting services since customer support can be tricky and your website could be done (as happened in the month of Sept 2012 with go daddy) for hours.

Logo Design

I usually ask my one of the 3 graphic designers to design it for me. If you can spend 300$+ on your logo you can also check out DesignCrowd.

Email Marketing:

  • Aweber: If you just want the basic email lists and grab the email addresses this the way to go!!
  • MailChimp: For Newbies this is the a good email marketing software since they do not charge for small lists.

Elan”s presentation on Email Marketing : (Click To Download)

Flyer Affiliate Marketing:

Click below to download the pdf flyer of the two affiliate websites:

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Here is the presentation slides for this presentation.


See here how the Quality Score has become 10/10 🙂 10 out of 10 QS

Other Tools That I Use:

  • Freshbooks: I use this to invoice my clients. This is great for freelancers but not good for large corporations. They give a free trial. I like it because it makes things simple – I know I can do it for free from some other tools – but sending invoices from my iphone or ipad makes everything real easy.
  • W3Schools: If you want to learn HTML, CSS, PHP or any other programming language do use it. It”s for free!!
  • Google Analytics: I use it to tell how many visitors are coming to my website from what demographics and how much time they are spending. It is also good for determining how you are getting your traffic e.g. from search engines. from paid advertising etc.
  • Google Adsense: This is one of the ways to monetize your blog. These are the ads that you see (usually in blue) on other website and when you click them the blog owner makes money!
  • Google Keyword Tool: Best keyword tool if you are not going to make multiple website. It takes a little time to get used to it and benefit from it. Ty playing it with it and if you have any questions email me at
  • Amazon Affiliate Program: A very popular program for promoting Amazon products on your website. They pay low commissions like 4-8.5% but the good thing is if someone goes through your link to Amazon and if they buy anything in the next 24 hours you get commission for it! Nice eh?!

Tools for Amazon, Nook, iBooks or just plain old pdf EBOOKS

  • Ebook 3D cover creator: This is mostly beneficial for people selling their own products on their website – especially for ebooks. I sell on Amazon Kindle platform and when you do not want to just get a part of your book price and want to sell at a higher price range ($30-$60) then having your own website works the best!! When you are selling ebooks/manuals/guides then you need this.
  • Ebook Creator for Kindle, Nook and iBooks: This is the ebook creator that I use for all my kindle publishing. It is true that you can do without it but you just need 1 negative review and your ebook has lost multiple sales just because of bad formatting. I have heard horror stories on forums of people using MS Word in a wrong way. Also it create ebooks in kindle format, Nook format, ibooks format – so we can have multiple sales channel.

Where to get your articles or Ebook Written?

Keyword Research and Web Intelligence

  • Keyword Spy: A little expensive for monthly subscription but if you are an online marketer full time then you might benefit from it. It was suggested by one of the PPC Guru in one of our meetup events.
  • Quantcast and Similarweb for web intelligence
  • Ubersuggest gives you all the variations for all the keywords.
  • Google Adwords Editor: Google AdWords Editor is a free offline tool from Google that let you manage your keyword and keyword group. Its basically a free downloadable software application that you can use offline for managing your keywords.
  • Bing Ads Intelligence: Bing Ads Intelligence is a keyword research tool that help you establish your keywords when you are going to build your advertising campaign by helping you in identifying best keywords for you on the basis of various factors like geographical location, relevance etc. The great thing about Bing Ads Intelligence tool is that it has a very customer friendly interface, deeper research options, graphs and rich menu.

Recommended Forums/Blog:

  • Warrior Forum: Very useful for all the aspects of online marketing. It is a free forum except $30 that they charge for warrior room. 90% of of the information is available for free. Be careful when someone is selling you stuff as it might be that they are marketing to you!
  • ViperChill: Very useful blog for online marketing.
  • Labnol: Great articles about technology!!
  • WickedFire: Online forum with a different crowd then warrior forum!!
  • SmartPassiveIncome: Pat has lot of content, videos and podcasts. I would recommend it highly.
  • Useful Tools

    • is a great resource from where you can gain knowledge and learn new things that will help you grow your business. was launced in order to provide inspiration, information and new business ideas from those who are already successful to new entrepreneurs.
    • Asana: Asana is a web and mobile based task management system which is introduced in order to allow teamwork to be done with ease. Asana supports and incorporates several task management and communication features like Projects, Tasks, Due date, tags, comments, descriptions, notes and an interface to manage and organize information related to projects and their tasks.
    • is a service that reduce inbox fuddle for Google Apps and Gmail users. With you will get a great way to organize and manage your inbox emails. It has a neat interface and having some cool fgeatures like thumbnail interpreting of emails.
    • Rescue time: Rescue time is a time management solution that help you figure out how you spend your time. It help you understanding where you are wasting your time and where you are making progress. Rescue Time works in the background of your computer and it also has the ability to block websites you think are wasting your time and distracting you.
    • Webmaster radio: Webmaster radio is world”s biggest Business to Business Podcast/Radio network which spread knowledge through radio network. It is widely used among internet users. From business minded persons to individuals, from start-ups to big sized businesses everyone is using “WebmasterRadio.Fm”.
    • Boomerang: Boomerang for Gmail is great way for scheduling your emails for a later time or date. So you can write an email now and schedule it to be send later on any desired time. Boomerand has also the functionality to archive the messages in your email. It is also available for mobile and Android.
    • Google alerts: Google alerts is a great way to monitor the internet for you topic of interest. Google alerts are absolutely free email alerts sent by Google whenever the search engine finds someting related to the topic of your interest. Google alerts is a great help for you if you want to keep an eye on a developing new topic, a competitor in your business, a celebrity or a subject about which you want to get new updates for information.
    • Followerwonk: Followerwonk is a social tool which is used to analyse information available on Twitter. With FollowerWonk you can also track your followers losses and gains in your account, account age search on Twitter also track if a tweets are retweeted.
    • Majestic site explorer: Majestic site explorer is a mind blowing tool for bloggers , site owners and webmasters. With the help of Majestic site explorer you can check links pointing to your website. In other words you can have backlink data in your hand. Magestic site explorer reveal links information and their sources.
    • VPNwise: VPN Wise is a nice VPN service you need when you think you need a way to aid you internet security and access on web resources which are locked for your location. VPN wise is also a great way to protect your privacy when using internet and let you unblock the internet in a few second.
    • Tweet Archivist: Tweet Archivist is a simple yet powerful tool for tracking and searching Twitter stream for the past 7 days (Note** Twitter doesnt” show history for more than 7 days). Tweet Archivist track Twitter tweets based on Hashtags or any search term. It has some great features like interactive Graphs & charts, analytics, downlodable reports and much more.

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