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When you should opt for a VPS Hosting and things to Consider before Choosing

In this modern era the internet is in full action. Nowadays every business wants to get online presence and gain leads from it. Most of the business owners have adopted this methodology and have come up with a new loom, and are able to gain leads from their business website. Nowadays people are likely to look forward to a business to have their own website, so every small and big business is launching its business website. This has become an integral part of any business growth strategy. It is also important because it helps a business establish its trustworthiness.

Businesses are now paying more and more attention on their website to look more professional. They want their website to look unique, eye catching & energize their visitors in order to get more leads and make best sale out of it for their services and products. That’s great but is it enough? Is a smart design and a professional website is enough and something you can count on and covering your objectives? Obviously it is but that’s not all. You should also consider the best web hosting plan for you website.

when you need a VPS Hosting and things to consider before choosing a VPS HostingAn efficient Web hosting is the digital blood of your business website. A down hosting means a down website which may lead to lost clients. If you are compromising with your web hosting and selecting a cheap hosting which cannot execute your website and its traffic requirements properly that means it may be unavailable when your potential customer is searching for you. When it comes to selecting a web hosting plan most of the small and medium businesses opts for and rely on Shared web hosting plans. Shared web hosting plans are quite enough to handle a business website efficiently no matter how big and small is your business, but sometimes you need a VPS hosting for your website, it actually depends only on your website requirement, not your business size. So today we are going to talk about when you need a VPS hosting and what you should consider while choosing a VPS hosting.

VPS stands for Virtual private server. Virtual because every VPS has its own share of resources like disk space, RAM etc. VPS is a hosting solution where multiple Private servers are running on one physical server. So basically there are other Virtual Private Servers (VPS) like yours running on a same server machine on the same physical location, but you will get your own share of certain amount of memory, bandwidth, and disk space. So each VPS is totally independent of other VPS running on that particular server. So the websites running on your VPS will not suffer from others. Your Virtual private server will have its own OS and it can be rebooted on its own. Also one VPS is not allowed to access data on other VPS.

When you need a VPS Hosting?

Virtual private server (VPS) lie between Shared hosting plans and Dedicated Hosting plans and it will give you flexibility of a dedicated hosting plan with more features and put forward more advanced virtualization options. If your website has grown too large and can’t be handled on your shared hosting plan, then its time is to switch to VPS hosting. Here are a few points one when one may opt for a VPS hosting:

Is your business is coming from your website?

Nowadays when Internet marketing is in boom, many small, medium and big business owners want to take advantage of Search engine optimization, social media optimization, Pay per click programs, and many other tactics to drive huge traffic to their website. There are many businesses which depend on their website to get leads. They have massive traffic going through their website, so they can’t afford downtime and they just want to get going without losing a single customer through their websites. Such people would need a VPS hosting because massive traffic may lead to downtime of a website.

Is your website slow sometimes?

This is a big issue usually seen on websites on shared hosting because on shared hosting a website gets affected by the performance of other websites as they all share same hardware resources and same server. The same way if the performance of your website is not good, this will cause bandwidth, memory and CPU Usage issues on server. So this signifies that you need more hardware resources and configuration for your website, in this case a VPS Hosting is a perfect solution for you.

Is your business getting massive unexpected traffic?

Sometimes it may happen that a massive traffic hit your website and your shared hosting is already running with low performance due to other websites sharing the same server, and obviously you have no idea and clue how good or bad is the performance of your shared hosting server. At that moment your hosting is not ready to handle the load and when your website will exceed its bandwidth and CPU usage your website will immediately get taken offline by your hosting provider in order to avoid high loading issues on server.

We have faced this problem on one of our client website, he is in a business of reclaimed barn wood furniture and door and he got featured on a TV show and after getting featured on the TV show all of a sudden he got huge amount of visitors falling on his website. He got so many images and gallery pages on website. He was on Hostgator’s Shared hosting plan. After this his website started affecting other website on that shared server and for those website and server health Hostgator were forced to disable the website.

So if this is expected to be your case in future, you must opt for a VPS Hosting.

You are looking for more Security & Privacy

When you are starting a new website or when you know that there is not massive traffic falling on your website in such cases a shared hosting is probably something you can count on, but remember as your business grows and so will your website, then you will need more security and uptime. With a shared hosting server where many other unknown websites are also sharing the same server you are less secure and your privacy cannot be cast iron. You can suffer because of other websites running on the same server. In VPS hosting you are more secure and your privacy is guaranteed as its your own private secluded server.

You need more Control and Flexibility

young it engeneer in datacenter server roomA Virtual Private Server (VPS) offer you such controls and flexibility that you will have with your own dedicated server. VPS gives you full control to access root level of your server and you can delete or install software. If you want to install custom software’s and packages on your server you can do it with your VPS plan without the interference of you hosting provider. For example you can manage your Webmail interface, if you want to remove Squirrel mail interface and install another one, you are free to do this. With a VPS plan you can customize resources like Hard disk, Memory, Bandwidth, Database etc. for each of your website you host on your Virtual Private Server without affecting others and without being affected. You can also create different user accounts and set different level of permissions. And there are many more like this.

So if you know how to manage your server and you need these advance features then you should go for VPS hosting.

Now when you are ready to go for a VPS Hosting there are a few important things you should consider and evaluate before buying. You will get many options for hosting providers all over the world offering you different packages, it’s really very important to ascertain your needs first and then compare among the top plans available. Here are a couple of things you should consider before choosing any plan.

Things you should consider:

Hardware Configuration of your VPS

The very basic thing you must consider is the hardware configuration of your Virtual Private Server. Your hardware configuration mainly comprises RAM (Random access memory), CPU Units, and Disk Space etc.

  • RAM: The efficiency of you hosting plan depends on your RAM, among all other resources you RAM should be on your priority, usually a RAM of 512 MB is ideal for a website upgrading from shared hosting for just an initial start on VPS. But we recommend you 1GB of RAM for future concern. Also check if the amount offered is Guaranteed RAM. Some host will offer you a combined RAM in which Burstable RAM is also included. Burstable RAM is comes into play when usage may exceed your Guaranteed RAM. It is provided to user to deal with the high traffic. So you must ask the web hosting support about this.
  • CPU Units: When you get high CPU Processing your website will be able to perform hasty operation with ease. If you are going for a CMS or E-commerce website then you must get maximum CPU units, because such websites incorporates multiple applications and they are based on dynamic pages, this require more CPU usage than a normal website.
  • Disk Space: You must compare the pricing of plans on the basis of Disk Space. The starting VPS Web Hosting plans may offer you least 8 GB or 10 GB of disk space. It will be okay for you if you are going to host few pages, but if you want to host a website with heavy media uploads, emails & database then you must consider the VPS plan that comes with maximum disk space.

Location of Virtual Private Server

This is something you may skip while looking and comparing VPS Hosting plans. Geo-Locating your web host server really matters a lot when it comes to web hosting. It is always wise to locate your Virtual Private Server (VPS) closer to your main targeted audience. This will really help you a lot and enhance your user experience. You can also set different servers for different location if you have more than one location of your target audience.

Types of VPS Systems (Managed and Unmanaged)

This is something you will see on most of the VPS Hosting plans. But still there are some web-hosting providers who will not mention if the VPS plan is fully managed or Un-managed. So if you don’t find it mentioned on the plan then ask the web host support for this, like on Hostgator you will find Semi-managed and fully managed plans, so the Type of VPS plan is mentioned, but you may not find this on other Web hosting provider’s plans. So ask them. This can really bring up a lot of headache to you.

  • Unmanaged VPS Plan – Unmanaged VPS plans are plans in which you hosting provider do not take care of the backups, server performance, etc. But if something’s not working, i.e. the server is down or something like that, they do help with that. They will assist you when there’s a server side issue. Such as PHP not working, Apache is down, etc. As far as things like storage space, backups, installs, they do not help with.
  • Managed VPS Plans – Managed VPS Hosting plans offer you much better service and support. In such plans your web hosting provider is responsible to handle all server maintenance, configurations, security & software updates, etc. For those who are not comfortable in managing their VPS server and don’t want to probe into server administration work this type of VPS plan is perfect choice. The support level is high in managed type of VPS hosting.

Your responsibility

On the basis of above mentioned types of VPS Hosting Plans (Managed & Unmanaged VPS Hosting) you must evaluate and figure out your responsibilities. Go for a chat session with the Web-hosting support and ask them about responsibilities like who will manage the server? Who will install software? Who will handle the updates? How much support they can provide you? The more responsibility they shoulder the more convenient it will be for you. It’s better to know such things before any surprise come in front of you and you’ll not be able to handle the situation.

Price (Get the best for what you are paying)

Nevertheless, it is not advisable to think much about price or make any compromise when going for a VPS Hosting server; still you should give a thought to the price also. Make a list of best hosting plans that suits your needs and compare them, and then you should figure out to get the best support, best service, best hardware configuration and other aspects as mentioned above to get best for what you are paying.

Knowing when is the correct time to opt for a VPS hosting will look a bit tough decision to take, as no one want to regret when it comes to taking any business related footstep. Now after reading the whole post you must have a good acquaintance. We hope this will help you making the right decision for your business website and finding the best VPS Hosting for your website. If you have any questions we are here to assist you please feel free to Contact Creation Aura. We can help you in this and we are sure that we will give you an edge.

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