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How To Publish a Blog Post On Your Blog

Step: 1 : Login To Your Website Dashboard

Open your website admin panel in your web browser,
simply type www.yourwebsitename/wp-admin, and use the login details provided to access your website dashboard. It will look like this:

Image a


Step 2: Go to Section “Post” and Select “Add New”

From the left menu select Post by simply clicking the “Post” Tab and after that you will see the list of the post on your blog. Click “Add New ” on top of the page.

Image b


Step 3: Format & Post Your Content

Now once you click the “Add New” button you’ll see a text editor as shown below in the image. Now you can publish your blog post from here.

Image 1


Step 4: Enter Your Blog Title and Post Your Content

Select the visual mode of the text editor as shown below, enter your Post Title and just below the Post Title there is an option available to change the URL, you can use this option to make your post URL’s more friendly to understand.

Image 2


Step 5 : Enter the Post Content

Now enter your main body content for your blog post inside the editor as shown below.

Image 3


Step 6: Formatting Options Available For The Post

Just like Microsoft word ( MS-Word ), there are a couple of options available for the proper formatting of the blog post, you can play with it and you will easily handle it if you know MS word.

Image 4


Step 7: Select A Category

From the menu boxes available on the right side of the editor you can Select or Add a new category for your blog post.

Image 5


Step 5: Adding An Image (Optional)

You can also post images on your blog posts. Just click “Add Media” button on the top of the text editor.

Image 6

Once you click “Add Media” button a box will pop up on the page as shown below, select and click “Upload Files” tab on the top of the box, and then click “Select Files” option.

Image 7

After uploading your image you will see some options to set basic image properties, see the image below. You can choose your Image size and Alignment from here.

Image 8

After selecting these options, click “Insert Into Post” button.


Step 6: Publish Your Blog Post

Now if you’re done with your blog post formatting, adding images etc now it’s the time to Publish your blog post and let your visitors enjoy and know more about you. So direct your eyes towards the top right and you’ll find an option “Publish“. Click that option and you are all done.

Image 9

So this is a very basic guide to show you how to update your blog, hope it will help. If you have any queries you can ask us.

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