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PPC – Pay Per Click

Compared with the many problems and revenue risks associated with traditional banner advertisements on different websites, PPC or ‘pay-per-click’ advertisements do offer a far better alternative. For new websites still struggling to get higher SEO rankings and web visitors quickly there is no better way to get really targeted web visitors’ traffic than through these proven pay-for-performance keyword ads in popular search engines. If you are not clear on what PPC ads are, these are the many sponsored links that show up on extreme right or on top of the search engine result page when people perform their search in such leading search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Pay Per Click- PPC

Pay Per Click – PPC

While being more targeted than offline ads or even banner ads, it is certainly possible for you to spend a lot of money with pay per click if you fail to develop a well-planned promotional strategy. To make the best use of this smart feature web businesses and promotion experts need to think strategically about how to engage with people who come to your website post ad-clicks. The goal for PPC ads is to get key people-engaging and sales converting content in front of targeted web visitor’s searchers who seek specific information on services/products that match your onsite offers. This requires careful keywords analysis and research, strategic bidding and finally creating really compelling ad copy just to induce users’ clicks.

PPC ads dos and don’ts

The problem with usual PPC ads is poor keyword selection, ineffective copy and a boring sales webpage connected with the PPC ad click-through. Website owners and even webmasters often make the cardinal mistake of sending PPC ads’ targeted web-traffic to their website or blog’s homepage. Even worse, they fail to make any attempt to establish a lasting relationship with those that do not wish to buy onsite. In order to boost website / webpage conversion rates you need to do lot of common sense marketing deeds. For example if you’re selling services or products, it makes sense to make a persuasive sales pitch related to the ad copy and then effectively build your own users’ fan club.

Here are some simple marketing tips that will boost your webpage conversion rates from a targeted PPC ad campaign while increasing your website-subscriber numbers:

  1. The very first thing you need to do is create an ultra-specific webpage to send the web-search traffic to. This is called the ‘landing-page’. Depending on variety of the key words you are bidding on, you could even build several landing-pages which narrowly address different specific needs of your targeted web-searchers.
  2. Now a web “searchers,” is a dedicated info-searcher who should never be confused with people who participate in general contextual advertising programmes on regular publisher websites/portals. Now we all have seen enough of the AdSense spam to understand part of my reasoning here. Even on many reputed sites, contextual advertising often brings too many ‘curiosity-clicks’ that can easily sabotage your marketing ROI. This is because you actively seek real people who need what you have to offer and are not just ‘fence sitters! You can also choose to opt-out of the non-search traffic with either Google or Yahoo (or both).
  3. Always remember the basic truth about successful landing page as they should never engage in a direct sales procedure. Ideally they should offer a quality free resource like a short-course, an eBook, a mini-teleseminar, or any other type of helpful tutorial that could be directly related to what you actually sell. By engaging with people about the subject-matter of your offered product/service, you are actually building a win-win relationship with your target audience. This will bring better long term gains as it could start a profitable viral marketing campaign when users share your marketing information with their friends and family: spreading your wow-information much further than you had ever planned. This form of building audience relationship has proven to be a smart selling tactic that almost always delivers better ROI.
  4. Whatever is your free offer, it must always be delivered by a personalized email or a well-made RSS auto responder that enables you to stay connected with this prospect long term.
  5. Remember to explicitly inform your web-prospects about your main value proposition i.e. that in addition to this free resource you also offer your main product/service which they can purchase online/offline.
  6. You could also offer a persuasive e-newsletter service so that you can engage with your web visitors even after closing the sales transaction. Ideally this should be part of your initial offer and you should make it as enticing as is possible. Through this persuasive newsletter you should always deliver valuable and highly relevant content on a regular basis at fixed time intervals i.e. daily/weekly/fortnightly/monthly.
      By following these simple web sales tips your real revenues will be derived from actual people who have warmed up to your main offer thanks to the on-going value that you have provided through your website/blog, e-mailers and newsletter. These buyers will most likely remain loyal to you for longer periods and get you more customers from amongst their friends too. These tactics are not rocket science. But it is shocking how web owners tend to ignore the very basics of web marketing and PPC based sales. They always end up losing money by sending highly targeted traffic to their home page which may not be as laser-focused to generate a genuine sales-interest. Remember you never propose marriage before you at least get a ‘first date’. Likewise you should not expect people to automatically jump at your sales offer by simply arriving at your website’s homepage.
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