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Mark Daniel Maren is back in Toronto to Con Again!

Wow!! So I just got to know that I was not the only one. And for all this time since October 2014 I have been blaming myself for acting foolish with this piece of sh**.

About Me: I am a Web Designer/Online Marketer from Toronto and own a company Creation Aura. Have been in the business for over 3 years now. Yeah…of course I get to meet different people with different mindsets. There are good and bad experiences in business. However this one was a night mare!! Honestly, after dealing with this mister Mark Daniel, I can’t trust anyone. May be in a way, he taught me a lesson to not to make a relationship with the client and keep it to strictly professional.

So, I first planned to meet this guy in Café Mirage, Yonge Street, Toronto on October 17th, 2014. He is a presentable looking guy whom you won’t doubt at all. However, this café was somehow closed that day, so I texted and emailed him from right outside the café to meet at Spring rolls (Just beside this café). I was somewhat confused coz when I texted him there was no response. I sent few texts back to back thinking if he is around he shouldn’t wait for me as I was already at the restaurant. I never got the response so I called him. Boom!! His phone was not taking any calls. I was shocked coz that was the number he has been calling from. Now I am thinking in my head if he is gonna show up or not? I went outside looked for him couple of times. So I notice this guy with an iPad and a filthy handbag leaning against the wall outside the café. I went to him and asked if he was waiting for someone. He asked if I was Niki.

So the whole objective of our meeting was he wanted to get a logo redesigned for He kept discussing with me for an hour about what he wants and my company would be super famous after he selects my logo. This is for some Mexico Football 2015 which was supposed to be an International game.

He looked super serious about it. I told him that I will show him few concepts and he can choose from them. I told him I will charge $800 for 8-10 different logo concepts. He agreed!

I started working on them. He showed me crazy urgency, emailed me every day wanting to know the progress. After few days I emailed him around 15 concepts (at the same price). He was happy to see them. Then he asked me to change all the concepts with some or the other ideas. I told him that’s not possible! Still in order to please my client I went over the board and changed few he liked the most. Then he comes back again saying what else he could add to all those Logo Designs. He was apparently calling from some VoIP number (putting me on speaker) from Mexico (Well…that’s what he told me). I spoke to him few times trying to understand what he wants. Finally he agreed to pick one of the 15, and asked me to do the revision again with his new born idea.

**Okay I just forgot to tell you guys, that while he was leaving for Vancouver, he mailed me a blank check. Now again I am thinking why would someone mail me a blank check?? So this check was from M Sports Management Company in Markham.

Mark Daniel Maren Con man

The naive side of me trusted him and never went to the bank to cash the first half of the amount even, which I usually take from the client via e-transfer or direct deposit.

Here’s another story to it- when I asked him to email me the money, he sent me this snap shot below:

Mark Danial Con man Email

Mark Daniel Maren in Toronto

I kept working for him for around a month and he showed me the urgency since day 1. He kept telling me every day what to change in the logo and what his designer is saying etc. etc. I kept doing. I told him, there will be additional charge for that.

And trust me those changes were not the easy ones!!! May be a designer would know it better.
He almost totally changed the concept of what I showed him to what he chose finally. I want to show you guys of how many steps I did for him so that my client is satisfied.

Sorry for such long post but I feel really emotional right now while writing this blog. Sob Sob!

Logo Design for Toronto Con Man Mark Daniel Maren

Logo Design for Toronto Con Man Mark Daniel Maren

So this is after I already submitted 15 designs. He chose one, and you can see how many times he asked me to do the changes- right from having a Mayan symbol, then a swoosh, then changing the style of swoosh, then comes another idea of having a snake with the pyramid, then different patterns on snakes bod, then in what way the snake’s mouth is opened and what not!

Believe me I did everything for him.

Each of us knows how important the meaning of the logo to a brand is. I dedicated my 200% to best meet his requirements.

So here comes the final day. Before I transfer him the files, I realized I should go and cash the check and if TD Canada Bank says it’s done, I’ll send him. So I went to the bank, and this weirdo lady there quickly cashes my check and tells me it’s done. I asked her few times coz usually it takes a week to clear everything.

Are you sure it’s done?

She said three times Yes, it’s done and clear.

With that confidence, I came back home and sends him everything and here’s what happened after then.

Do see my snapshots from the email again. Sorry to make you guys read so much but I can’t stop writing!

Mark Daniel Con Man in Toronto

Mark Daniel Con Man in Toronto

Mark Daniel Con Man in Toronto

Mark Daniel Maren - Con Man in Toronto

Mark Daniel Maren - Con Man in Toronto

Mark Daniel Maren - Con Man in Toronto

So after this email, I check his website it was gone too with my logo and until today you will not find it!!

I lost all hope. I was so traumatized with this incident that where I went I was looking for that face

They have this game starting Jan 26th 2015 till Jan 31st.

And they don’t have the Website even!!

So for all this time, I have been thinking how I made fool of myself. Then I get to read these forums and posts that this guy has also been put in jail for fraud in 2011.

I am kind ofsatisfied but in more anger now knowing he did the same shit to so many people and yet has this freedom of moving around in the Country.

Cops!! What are you guys doing? Can you please advise what actions can be taken?

Don’t know how many such people are in the city and we can’t do anything about it. At least those we all know should be put in the jail and be sued for their lifetime.

Hope this post reach to all those who have experienced or heard such incidents, and the others should take a lesson!

Few resources: How I got to know about real Mark Daniel today:


Seems like this man is pretty famous eh!!

I feel better now.

Thanks for being with me for all this while.


  1. Here is Marks current contact info

    (647) 313-4900

  2. welcome to the club.

  3. I did photography for the first combine in Cancun and everything seemed on the up and up. Then the second combine and he gives me a cheque from an account with no money. Then my account gets frozen for fraud. He is a worthless piece of shit scumbag

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