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Why e-mail Marketing is Important?

The recent economic downturn has seen alternative marketing tools and options being preferred by many a companies and businesses to advertise and eventually sell their products. The time-honored approach of marketing as observed by many business experts have become less effective with the time and also their impact is very intricate to measure.

As seen by many, online marketing is the new age marketing apparatus which has given new sphere for the business houses to place their products, especially to the small business houses.

Online marketing by and large means creating a business page on Facebook or an account on Twitter. You might also turn out to be an expert in Pinterest or Blogger. There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that these sites are a great medium for marketing. But let me raise a question. For how long will your tweet of Facbeook status message be a part of the top 5 or even 10 stories in the timeline and news feed? We all know the answers. Don’t we?

That is why it is important not to forget about a very valuable and brunt marketing tool i.e. E-Mail marketing.

Traditional and online marketing methods costs a lot since both of them require efforts and money to design effective content. However, the idea of email marketing is almost for free of cost as sending mails to anyone comes for free. The only thing you need to pay for is the internet connection. Paying a small bill for the internet is not much to ask for provided that you are getting so many benefits out of it.

Small businesses or the new businesses have very little amount of money to deal in. E – Mail marketing is a boost for them. Even if you are a well settled business, you are needed to expand its reach and this is where e-mail marketing is a game changer.

Let us have a look at some of its advantages.

Economical and Rapid

If all the marketing methods are evaluated then one would get that the cost involved in email marketing is the least. The study has shown that the cost incurred over designing, testing, executing any email campaign is 80 percent less costly as compared to any paper based method. Plus, it saves a lot of time and not to forget, a lot of resources when you adopt this method.

If a business manages to save or cut down money then can anything be greater than that? The saved money can be put into some other important things which could benefit the business.

It has maximum ROI

Marketing is actually an investment for any business and people put lots of efforts to get the maximum returns. E-mail marketing can be called as solid channel which can help in maximizing your return on your investment (ROI) and thus enhance your bottom line. No wonders, your averages would increase and your business will flourish. As compared to the traditional form of advertising, email marketing is more effective for addressing targeted groups with higher results.

Interactive and highly personalized

“They’ll see it in the inbox and, to me, it’s much more valuable.”

This was what The Sydney Morning herald had quoted sometimes back. I think it sums up the whole point. But let me still explain that how it does.

E–mail marketing can be very interactive as successful campaigns can be elicited easily by the use of different pictures, videos, quiz, music, game or anything which could create interest on your potential clients. At the same time, this method is among the most personalized option wherein you get the chance to personalize e-mail messages by greeting everyone with their name. This simply helps in creating a special kind of bond between you and your prospective clients.

It builds a trustworthy brand

With E-mail marketing, you are creating a direct line of communication with your client. No other marketing tool can make you so personal with your consumers or potential client as e-mail marketing. Businesses do often take time to know all their clients and their views, ideas and requirements about different products or services to build a trustworthy brand.

One can say that e-mail marketing in actual terms builds PR with your clients, which in turn motivate your customers to spread good words about your products or services. By sending out some personalized emails to your list of customers and prospects addressing their concerns and issues can help in strengthening the bonds with your customers. All these efforts via email marketing can help you in building a trustworthy brand in the market.

It has a global reach

This is one advantage which cannot be attained by any other marketing contrivance. Through Facebook or Twitter you might get connected but you cannot reach to that amount of people which with you can reach with e-mail marketing. Whether your potential consumers are in Australia, USA, Russia, Japan or may be in Bhutan, all you need to connect with them and market your brand is an e-mail ID.

Regardless of your country, you are free to communicate anywhere in the world without any geographical limitations. Hence if you carry out business across continents then email marketing is the best choice to rely on.

For communicating with your customers and prospects e-mail marketing is amongst the best mediums. If you can generate an effective email marketing campaign it has the capability to give you several business benefits. The above reasons simply make this medium vital in the current digital world. Lesser cost, almost zero overheads and a fast, interactive medium to connect with thousands of people spread over the globe. E-mail marketing is the way to go.

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