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Facebook Marketing Good for Small Business

If yours is small business what are the things you exactly take care of? Capital generation and cost cutting. There are several other things like marketing which you need to take care of but everything comes out as an extension to the fact that you have to make people aware of your business. In turn, it leads to marketing.

Marketing is of vital importance for each and every business, no matter the scale- small or large. But for the smaller businesses, it is very difficult to make use of those marketing strategies which are a costlier affair. Traditional marketing strategies require both time as well as money. Don’t know about the time factor but surely, small businesses do not a huge stack of money at their disposal which they can use for a time consuming and elaborate task like marketing.

This is why I feel that online marketing is the best option for small businesses because it not only connects the brand or the business to the potential consumers but also helps to develop a market for the particular brand. The time consumed is less, the efforts are far too less and the feedback is instant. You can keep track of your virtual standing in real time and can also get the response in a fraction of a second. No wonders, both big and small businesses are looking up to online marketing as the future of this industry.

Bringing into play social networking sites in order to market the product can be really beneficial. Using any social networking site is not the solution. One needs to spend some time in order to realize which one of these sites can reap maximum benefit for the business.

In the present context, as people who are connected to internet and cyber world would know, Facebook emerges out as one social network which has given several businesses a platform to market their products.

Why do people choose Facebook? The answer is simple. Once you have a Facebook account, you can easily create a page of your brand. The page that you create becomes the face of your product in the virtual world. You write about each and everything related to your product or business. The page which you promote eventually promotes your brand/business/ company.

It is very important to note that on Facebook, it is the number of likes and sometimes people writing on your page that gives you the feedback and that is not going to happen if you do not have the required number of people in your friends list. These friends are your first potential clients or consumers. You may ask them to like their page and you may also ask them to promote your page by sharing it on their respective Timelines.

What have friends got to do with your business? As a small business it is very important to play efficiently on each and every resource that you have. Your friends may not be the direct buyers of your product/service, but they may be of great help in building connections and making your business a known name to more people.

Facebook allows you to send invites to these friends to like your page. Once they get the invites, Likes on the page start to boost. If you wish to advertise your page then in that case too, Facebook has a provision. You need to pay Facebook a certain amount of money and in return, Facebook promotes your page. The link of the page is shown at the sides of the Homepage of targeted Facebook users. This really boosts up the marketing of your business.

Yes, agreed that not all the small business ventures can pay to promote their business on Facebook but in spite of that it is a great medium to create awareness about your business. You just need to have a basic idea about how Facebook works. Let me tell you something. You cannot always spend money on social media and get results. Anything shared on Facebook can go viral if you know the right method to promote your business. Just make some reasonable goals and march towards them in a steady pace.

There are various steps through which you can make your page a hit among the Facebook users. First, send people to your Facebook page by providing those links to it. No one will care to ‘like’ your page until they know that you have one. Secondly, keep updating statuses related to your business or product. Thirdly, make sure that you page is not a dead one. Keep people engaged with your status updates. Share popular thoughts, wish them on festivals and holidays and keep providing content that they find useful.
Once you are engaged with your audience, you will be surprised to know that a small amount of time spent has a great impact on them.

Facebook also provides with a feature called ‘Insights’ which allows you to know exactly how many people are talking about your page. It also shows you the graph which tells you at what speed is your page shaping up. ‘Insights’ in real terms help you to get to know about the feedback that your page is getting and at the same time, the impact that your business is getting.

Facebook is a hit for the small business to grow because be it the old or the young ones, everyone is on Facebook. Sitting with a laptop on your bed or in your drawing room, you can easily create a market for your products or business. One can also say that Facebook marketing may lead to physical marketing. Once the information about your business is reached to the masses through your Facebook page, your business starts to grow and as your business starts to grow, your contacts start to increase and hence the scope of physical marketing grows as the profit ratio increases.

For a start up business or a small business, Facebook has turned out to be a windfall. All that you need to start with Facebook marketing is internet. Once you have it and a little knowledge of operating a Facebook account, you can easily start a new revolution in marketing.

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