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Domain Name Instructions

Domain name is the name of the website, for example is the domain name for Yahoo.To register a domain name please: CLICK HERE

Please follow the images below for instructions:


Step 1


Step 2


Step 3




Step 5Go daddy is good for domains only. Don”t get trapped in their hosting service since it has lot of bugs with their Websites. Domains usually cost $9-11 per year.

NOTE: While setting up password do not use your personal passwords. Just use a generic password for e.g. 123TORONTO56 since you will have to share with your Web designer. Once the installation is done you can reset it to a secure password.

CAUTION: Go Daddy will try to sell other add-ons to increase your total bill. Please uncheck all other add-ons and only get the domain name. They will also try to sell privacy, SSL etc, please uncheck all that. You can buy privacy only if you do not want your name and address to be found by strangers.

NOTE: For .ca domain names we do not need to buy privacy as privacy comes free with the domain name.

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