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How to Create a Custom Landing Page on WordPress Without Using any Plugin

How to Create a Custom Landing Page on Wordpress Without Using any Plugin

A landing page is the heart and soul of any lead generation operation. Any savvy business professional who is getting some traffic on his website will definitely be thinking about the possible actions he can act upon to convert those visitors into potential clients. These days many businesses spend a big amount out of their budget to drive massive traffic to their website, they spend their money on PPC (Pay Per Click) Ads, Email Marketing […]

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PPC – Pay Per Click

PPC - Pay Per Click

Compared with the many problems and revenue risks associated with traditional banner advertisements on different websites, PPC or ‘pay-per-click’ advertisements do offer a far better alternative. For new websites still struggling to get higher SEO rankings and web visitors quickly there is no better way to get really targeted web visitors’ traffic than through these proven pay-for-performance keyword ads in popular search engines. If you are not clear on what PPC ads are, these are […]

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